The office of Dean of students is a section responsible for supervising and coordination all issues related to students affairs. The office has a dean, loan officer, warden and matron who work for students’ welfare. Therefore, the following sections accommodates various activities and requirements related to this office.

List of Staffs

  • Charles P. Kitila –    Dean of Students.
  • Swalehe S. Kibuga- Warden II
  • Lydia Placid – Matron/Warden II
  • Kepha C. Luvinga- Loan Officer
  • Visiting Off campus hostels

Activities performed by the section

  • The office provided guidance and counselling to students with different cases
  • The office assists HESLB loans beneficiaries on issues related to Loans
  • The office  gives assistance to new applicants and continuing students
  • The office deals with issues related to students welfare
  • The office deals with disciplinary matters regarding students
  • The student’s office handles all emerging issues related to student’s affairs as well as any other emerging issues requiring the offices attendance
  • The office deals with students spiritual issues