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Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) was established by the Tengeru Institute of Community Development (Establishment) Order, 2013 and Parliamentary Resolution No. 1 of 2014. The Institute was conferred independent legal existence into autonomous institution, The institute has a full accredion offered by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). It offers courses in Certificate in Community Development, Diploma in Community Development, Bachelor Degree and Post Graduate Diploma of Community Development, Bachelor Degree of Gender and Community Development (BGCD), and Bachelor Degree in Participatory Project Planning and Management (BPPM).



Name          :         Godfrey M. Meliyo

Tittle             :         Registrar

Contacts     :           Mail:

                                      Mobile phone: 255756201578 or 255737694207


Name          :         Victor R. Kato

Tittle             :       Admission Officer

Contacts     :       Mail:

                                      Mobile: 255742350781 or 255624006717

Name          :       Angel Lupasa

Tittle             :       Admission Officer

Contacts     :       Mail:

                                  Mobile:255752475232 or 071290942

Name          :         

Tittle             :      Head of Examination Office

Contacts     :       Mail:

Mobile         :        255767667931 or 255713667931

Name          :      Theresia Bella

Tittle             :       Examination Officer

Contacts     :       Mail:

                                 Mobile : 255719428412 

Admission Information

Applicants wishing to be enrolled for course programmes offered by TICD i.e certificates and Diploma (NTA Level 4, 5 & 6), Bachelor programmes and Masters programmes should meet the general minimum entrance requirements as stipulated in NACTE and TCU guide books

Programme Offered

  1. Basic Technician Certificate in Community Development – NTA level 4
  2. Technician Certificate in Community Development  – NTA level 5
  3. Ordinary Diploma in Community Development  – NTA LEVEL 6
  4. Bachelor Degree in Community Development
  5. Bachelor Degree in Participatory Project Planning and Management
  6. Bachelor Degree in Gender and Community Development
  7. Master Degree in Community Development 

The Institute Examinations

The candidate shall be eligible for Institute Examination after he/she has made registration following the Institute’s prescreption as in the Institute examination rules and regulation