To provide quality financial management and Accounting services for the Institute.

This Department will perform the following functions:-

  1. To administer use of trust funds, investments, insurance and royalties
  2. To control capital and recurrent expenditure
  3. To prepare and answers timely payment of salaries and emoluments
  4. To maintain up to-date financial information on revenue and expenditure
  5. To oversee arrangements for the purchase of equipment and materials (other than furniture) required by the Institute including their effective use
  6. To oversee arrangements for the maintenance of an inventory of furniture and equipment held by the Institute
  7. To maintain up to-date and transparent Management Information System on all accounts at all levels
  8. To supervise work performance in the Directorate
  9. To prepare financial statements of income and expenditure in accordance to the Institute strategic plan
  10. To liaise with the Planning and Development office in preparing annual estimates, budgets and related financial matters
  11. To supervise periodical reporting of all income and expenditure transactions.

This Department will be headed by: Chief Accountant