To provide expertise, services, and support on human resources management and administrative matters to the Institute.

This Department will perform the following functions:-

  1. Coordinate implementation of Public Service Management Policy and other Acts pertaining to administration and management of Public Service;
  2. Coordinate provision of Employee relations and welfare including health, safety, sports and cultural;
  3. Provide registry, office and records management services;
  4. Coordinate security, cleanness and ground maintenance, real estates and transport services;
  5. Provide general custodian services including maintenance of office equipments and buildings;
  6. Coordinate implementation of diversity issues including gender, disability, HIV/AIDS in the Institute;
  7. Facilitate Human Resources Training and Development (career, professional, skills enhancement) for the Institute;
  8. Supervise Human Resources Planning to determine supply and demand needs for professions in the Institute;
  9. Administer salary and advise on payroll management;
  10. Supervise implementation of Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS);
  11. Coordinate provision of employees benefits (pension, allowances, etc) and entitlements;
  12. Coordinate complaints and grievances handling;

This Department will be headed by:  Human Resource and Administration Manager