Project Planning Management


Department is aimed at developing and promoting capacities of the people to manage their development processes; building and strengthening capacities of various actors in the field of project planning and management.

This Department will perform the following functions: –

  1. Train project planning and management aspects at different levels and contribute to research, consultancy, information, documentation and dissemination of best practices.
  2. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual departmental academic and financial progress reports.
  3. Develop market and conduct short courses that suit needs of the stakeholders.
  4. Contribute to formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Institute academic policies.
  5. Recommend staff for promotion, appointment and confirmation provided they are capable of contributing significantly to the department’s and Institute mission and goals.
  6. Foster co-operation and unity and maintain team spirit among staff and student in the department and ensure that members of staff are accessible to students and that student and staff treats each other with courtesy and consideration.
  7. Ensure that members of staff are available all time during office else their whereabouts should be known to peer/head of the department and allocate duties and workload equitably and in the light of the department’s objectives and plans.
  8. To collaborate with other institutions related to participatory project planning and management for information sharing and learning
  9. Participate in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the Institute academic policies and submit annual performance appraisal reports on all academic, administrative and non-administrative staff to deputy Rector Academic

This Department will be headed by Head of Department