Historical Background of the TICD

The TICD (formerly known as the Community Development Training Institute; CDTI-Tengeru) was legally established in the year 1963 and later re-established in the 2013 under the name Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) under the Tengeru Institute of Community Development Establishment order, 2013. The Institute was formally managed under the Ministry responsible for Community Development since its establishment. In 2013, the URT parliamentary resolutions endorsed official operationalization of the TICD establishment order, 2013 that granted the TICD an autonomous status.



To train technically and socially competent development professionals who will effectively advocate and use participatory approaches to help institutions and communities overcome development challenges through identification, planning and implementation of development activities according to the priorities of the communities.


To become centre of excellence for sustainable social and economic development by advocating and promotion of communities’ participation in development process through quality training of community development professionals, undertaking critical researches and providing consultancy services