Students Accommodation


The Institute has hostels for both male and female students. The hostels are located within the Institute premises. The Dean of Students coordinates accommodation services in liaison with the Hostel Wardens.

In-Campus Accommodation (Main Campus and Town Centre)

The hostel which accommodates both undergraduate and postgraduate students has a carrying capacity of about 1294 students. The Institute has limited accommodation facilities to accommodate all enrolled students, hence students may be offered accommodation in the residence upon payment of tuition and hostel fees in order of the priority as follows:

  1. Students with Special Needs:These are students who have been identified to have serious medical condition and so need special attention, and those with physical disabilities/health challenges, which may qualify them for accommodation, will be given individual consideration before others, only after receiving student medical reports.
  2. International Students:International students will be offered Institute accommodation for the duration of their programme provided that they remain fully registered as TICD students.
  • Non-Degree Programme Students: All non-degree programmes (NTA Level 4, 5 and 6) will be offered accommodation by the Institute.
  1. First Year Students:First year students both Undergraduates and Postgraduates enrolled are eligible for accommodation, upon payment of tuition and hostel fees, so as to enable them adapt easily with the Institute life, because in most cases many new students come from the up country.
  2. Continuing students: Continuing students both Undergraduate and Postgraduate enrolled will be eligible for accommodation, depending on the availability of hostel rooms.



Off-Campus Accommodation

Students who fail to secure in-campus accommodation are advised to seek alternative accommodation in nearby private hostels and private rental homes. However, the lease agreement shall remain between the student and the owner of accommodation facility. The Office of the Dean and Students Organization (TICD-SO) will assist in making available a list of off campus accommodation facilities for students who find it difficult to locate the same.