Venue: TICD Main Campus, Arusha-Tanzania

Learning Duration: 1 week

Starting: 25 Mar 2024 Ending: 29 Mar 2024

Fees for Foreigners: USD 350

Fees for Locals: TZS 900,000

Payment Details: To cover tuition, training materials, lunch and refreshment


Speaking is a job that probably everyone can do, but public speaking is indeed a creative art to be able to say something in a way that it is heard and acted upon in a desirable manner by the recipient. It is not only about delivering the intended message but also capturing people’s emotions and thoughts to agree with and/or act upon as planned by the speaker. Be it on a political stage or in a board room meeting, careers can flourish or end depending on the effectiveness of speeches. This is why, in this course we take a keen interest in paving the way for excellence for our participants by providing close guidance and showing them how they can apply master techniques to the skill of Public Speaking and making Effective Presentations.


This course is suitable for Leaders of teams, small businesses, large enterprises; Self-employed trainers, artists, large-group facilitators; Aspiring Motivational Speakers, bloggers, Social Media influencers, Journalists, and Executives in News Agencies; Administration executives responsible for making suggestions to the business; Executives who are in Business development roles; Trainers, teaching staff, educators and administrators responsible for communicating to large forums of people; Human Resource Executives responsible for employee induction, town-halls etc; and Government officials, officials involved in administration in government sectors.


Upon program completion, participants will be able to:

      • Understand the approach to making presentations purposeful and effective
      • Increase self-awareness of one’s ability to communicate in front of a large audience
      • Identify one’s area of opportunity to recognize and correct common errors in speech
      • Use techniques to work on building self-confidence
      • Role-model this skill in the organisation for subordinates to learn from and imitate


      • Introduction to Public Speaking
      • Introduction to Presentation Skills
      • Delivering the Content /The Message
      • Rapport Building | Connect with Your Audience
      • Tongue and Body Languages in Presentation
      • Sample speeches and speech analysis