1.0 Introduction

The Department of Project Planning and Management is one of the four academic Departments of TICD. It was established in 2008 being one of prerequisites to attain fully accreditation from NACTE as well as diversifying programmes offered by the Institute. The department has been successfully functioning since its establishment. Department is basically aimed at developing and promoting capacities of the people to manage their development processes; building and strengthening capacities of various actors in the field of project planning and management.


Currently the department has a total of eighteen (18) members, among the members, fifteen (15) are men and three (3) are women. The composition of the members of staff includes five (5) Lecturers, (10) Assistant lectures and (3) tutorial assistants.  The details on PPM staff profiles is provides as follows

2.0. Academic Programmes,

The Department is currently offering a Bachelor Degree in Participatory Project Planning and Management. The overall aim of the programme at this level is to enhance awareness of the participatory project planning and management processes. This is achieved by enabling learners to:-

  • Enhance community capacity in financing and managing projects and programmes
  • Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation for enhancing project effectiveness and sustainability
  • Enhance capacity to improve community wellbeing
  • Enhance community capacity in exploring economic options


  • Facilitate training activities on participatory project planning and management for under graduate students
  • Co-coordinate short courses in Project planning and management, Monitoring and evaluation and Project write-up.
  • Undertake  consultancies
  • Undertake research and publications
  • Participate in  community engagement activities

: Mr. Kepha Charles Luvinga

Designation: Head of Department &Assistant Lecturer
Cell: +255(0)758032799
Email: /
Office no: PPM block, Office No 1.

  1. Academic Qualifications
  • Master of Science in Project Planning and Management – Mzumbe University
  • Bachelor of arts in Community Development – Iringa University College
  1. Areas of Expertise
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participatory planning methods and techniques
  • Community development theories and principles


  1. Areas of Interest
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Research & Consultancy
  • Community engagement
  • Development studies
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  1. Researches and Publications:
  • Japhet Ringo, Kepha Luvinga, Luhanda Morsardi, Idd Omary and Gabriel Mayengo (2016) The Ability to Use and Respond Early Warning System Installations: Insights from Higher Learning Institutions in Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania. International Journal of Modern Management Sciences, 2016, 5(1): 1-14
  • Hancelem Haule, Japhet Ringo, Kepha Luvinga, Subira Kawonga, Gabriel Mayengo, and Luhanda Morsardi (2016) Effects of Limestone Mining on Deforestation and Land Degradation in Mbeya Region, Tanzania. International Journal of Modern Social Sciences, 2016, 5(2): 117-132
  • Japhet Ringo, Kepha Luvinga, Luhanda Morsardi, Idd Omary, Gabriel Mayengo, & Subira Kawonga (2016),Indigenous Knowledge in Flood Management and Control in Kilosa District, Tanzania International Journal of Marine, Atmospheric & Earth Sciences, 2016, 4(1): 1-15
  • Christina Shimba, Kepha Luvinga and Simon Kilasara (2019), Assessment of            women food  vending and        local       soap      making micro     enterprises         in Temeke             Municipal:         A Costs Benefit Analysis approach. Advances in Social           Sciences Research Journal – Vol.6, No.6
  • Kepha Luvinga and Simon Kilasara (2020), The Financial Implications        of            Bodaboda Transport Business Among Youths in Arusha –            Cost Benefit       Advances          in Social Sciences Research Journal– Vol.7, No.4