Venue: TICD Main Campus, Arusha-Tanzania

Course Duration: 1 Week

Date: 08 Apr 2024 to 12 Apr 2024

Fees for Foreigners: USD 350

Fees for Locals: TZS 700,000

Payment Details: To cover tuition, training materials, lunch and refreshment


In today’s dynamic landscape of community development, the ability to mobilize resources effectively stands as an indispensable skill for project planners and community practitioners alike. Training in resource mobilization is a vital investment for project planners and community practitioners, as it equips them with the skills and strategies needed to secure the necessary funding and materials to drive sustainable change. In a world where impactful community initiatives rely on diverse and consistent support, this training empowers individuals to amplify their projects’ reach, build partnerships, navigate challenges, and cultivate a culture of innovation.


Community leaders, activists, project managers, planning officers, social entrepreneurs, educators, youth leaders, funding and grant officers, and social workers.


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

      • Understand the principles of resource mobilization and its significance in community projects.
      • Identify various sources of funding and resources available for community initiatives.
      • Create effective fundraising plans tailored to their specific projects.
      • Apply communication and marketing techniques to attract donors and supporters.
      • Implement monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure transparency and accountability in resource utilization.


      • Introduction to Resource Mobilization
      • Understanding Community Needs and Priorities
      • Types of Resources and Funding Sources
      • Effective Communication and Marketing
      • Monitoring and Evaluation