Head of Department

Douglas A. Magombola

Community Development Department is an academic department that was established in the 2003. The Department is dedicated into providing training in areas of community development at different levels of competencies including; Basic Technician Certificate, Ordinary Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate Diploma.

Lists of courses offered

  • Masters in Community Develop
  • Bachelor Degree in Community Development
  • Ordinary Diploma in Community Development
  • Basic certificate in Community Development

Core Functions of Department

  • To ensure that community development programmes are conducted in line with the institute mission and vision.
  • To offer long and short term course training for Community Development related programmes aimed at strengthening community knowledge and skills on managing community development programmes.

  • To conduct researches in the field of Community Development and disseminate and share the best practices.
  • To conduct consultancies in Community Development programmes and management to institutions, non-governmental Organizations and community Society Organizations.